Healthy Cupcakes…Don’t Exist.

Ok so there really is no such thing as a healthy cupcake.  You can try alleviating the abundance of  negative health points cupcakes can do, however.  So unless you make like a wheatgrass cupcake with an Omega-3 filling topped with a fish oil glaze, which would defeat the purpose of a cupcake, you cannot deem your cupcake as healthy.  These were the only cupcakes I made when I went to my parents house because over there the words like “granulated sugar” and “deep fried” are unheard of.  So I tried making a healthiER version for my mom because, I guess…. cause she made me.  These are a stab at gluten-free cupcakes using coconut flour and xylitol as sweetener.  I feel like the most successful gluten-free cupcakes are chocolate just because chocolate does mask a lot of the healthy taste.  So here are gluten-free Raspberry Chocolate cupcakes with a Lemon buttercream frosting.



From My Marshmallow Bush

I started getting more into the aesthetic side of cupcakes when I needed to put on some Sunday clothes onto my cupcakes for my friend’s birthday…and discovered this marshmallow flower technique.  You use mini marshmallows by cutting them in half, dipping the sticky side in decorating sugar, then sticking them into the frosting.  It’s an easy way to impress your buddies!


Giving Birth.

Here we have the mother(s) of my cupcake career.  Yes they are rough around the edges….very rough…but they were the ones that sparked my inner cupcake challenge to keep creating better and better cupcakes.  Cupcakes are so weird.  They’re like the ninjas of cakes that are a powerful condensed form of a delicious giant cake.  I never really understood them.  But they’re so fun to make I just can’t help myself from producing.  Getting new ideas is like getting pregnant again and again and once you make the cupcakes the baby is born!  Hooray!  I honestly enjoy making them way more than actually eating them….ANYWAYS, these originals are a Strawberry Greek Yogurt Cake with an Almond Whipped Cream topping. Don’t make too much fun of them, they’re sensitive!

I Shot the Cupcake.

Welcome to my cupcake photo blog.  It’s your untraditional cupcake blog with just pictures of cupcakes, no recipes.  Why?  Not because I don’t want to share my secrets but because I am far to lazy.   Anyways, after constantly publishing my cupcake pictures to Facebook, I’ve decided to migrate into a blog form.  Facebook is a place for people to share pointless information and is no place for these poor little cupcakes.  That made no sense but hope you enjoy this blog that has no point to it either and satisfy your eye candy craving!