Giving Birth.

Here we have the mother(s) of my cupcake career.  Yes they are rough around the edges….very rough…but they were the ones that sparked my inner cupcake challenge to keep creating better and better cupcakes.  Cupcakes are so weird.  They’re like the ninjas of cakes that are a powerful condensed form of a delicious giant cake.  I never really understood them.  But they’re so fun to make I just can’t help myself from producing.  Getting new ideas is like getting pregnant again and again and once you make the cupcakes the baby is born!  Hooray!  I honestly enjoy making them way more than actually eating them….ANYWAYS, these originals are a Strawberry Greek Yogurt Cake with an Almond Whipped Cream topping. Don’t make too much fun of them, they’re sensitive!


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