Healthy Cupcakes…Don’t Exist.

Ok so there really is no such thing as a healthy cupcake.  You can try alleviating the abundance of  negative health points cupcakes can do, however.  So unless you make like a wheatgrass cupcake with an Omega-3 filling topped with a fish oil glaze, which would defeat the purpose of a cupcake, you cannot deem your cupcake as healthy.  These were the only cupcakes I made when I went to my parents house because over there the words like “granulated sugar” and “deep fried” are unheard of.  So I tried making a healthiER version for my mom because, I guess…. cause she made me.  These are a stab at gluten-free cupcakes using coconut flour and xylitol as sweetener.  I feel like the most successful gluten-free cupcakes are chocolate just because chocolate does mask a lot of the healthy taste.  So here are gluten-free Raspberry Chocolate cupcakes with a Lemon buttercream frosting.



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